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A common ask from you all-
“What is my biggest fear…?”

For me it is waking up and thinking I may not take a great shot today. I will look trough my pics at the end of he day and none of them will take my breath away. That is my biggest fear. It is not about followers, likes, reblogs, or shares, it is about the intrinsic pleasure. Do it and everything for your self.

What are yours?

  1. alovelybunchofcoconuts answered: Never figuring out who I am and what I’m meant to do.
  2. infectiousgroove answered: not fulfilling all my dreams.
  3. panda-bear-mandie answered: My biggest fear…. I would have to say that it’s failing in whatever I’m doing at that point a time. I constantly try to excel in what I do.
  4. dizzylizzyfizzy answered: no questions. death. period.
  5. fortheloveofthis answered: Waking up one fine day and regretting something. It is the worst feeling in the world
  6. smallislandinthesun answered: To lose another person I love because of the inadequate health care in my country and suffer that immense loss all over again.
  7. inevitabilitiesoflife answered: Not being able to meet up with everyone’s expectations of me
  8. amaneciera answered: To lose my sight. My eyes are already bad, and I’m only 19. I plan to see the world, it is my only passion. With no vision, I cannot.
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