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For those who asked I shoot with a Nikon J1, 10mm f2.8. Also I work in media & advertising and I live off turkey sandwiches, running and cycling. I travel more than I sleep and believe any new day you can have what you want.

Some non Anon Q’s?

Let’s see who has the brass to ask questions without being Anon?  Go ahead- nice or not I will answer ANY Q’s today and publish responses…

Ready, set, go.

New bicycle.

Seems that I have an audience for some of my written thoughts. So newest life decision.  I am not getting a tattoo (would have been my first one this thursday), not getting a new custom jacket (don’t need NEED it), instead selling the old race bicycle (Ti Bike with Campy) and upgrading to a Carbon Specialized SL3 with SRAM. 

Good idea of Bad? 

Thoughts plz.